It is important for many companies to keep inventing new things so that they can generate a huge profit out of it. Invention can be done in any field and it is important to secure a patent for the inventions that are made. All the inventions that are being made till date are patented by the name of their inventors. There are many companies as well as patent brokers that can help you in securing a patent for you invention. It is a rule that is applicable in the entire world and provides the protection to your invention against any kind of theft, illegal use of your invention without any permission or notification, or copying your invention and using it. There are many benefits of patenting your invention. Some of these benefits are mentioned below.

Prevention from theft: Many big time companies and many startup companies are always looking forward towards such inventions that are beneficial for their business as well as can increase their revenue. It is seen especially in IT industry that most of the inventions have suffered theft, illegal use, they are copied or used without any notification and also being patented in the name of some other person. In such case, you must patent your invention and idea as soon as possible so that no one else can steal your invention or idea behind the invention. If a person illegally uses your invention without permission or notification, then you should sue him in the court regarding his actions that he has taken against you.

Higher profits: A patent excludes the other persons from using, making, selling, offering, exporting and importing the invention without any notice or permission. You can also sell your patent to an individual as well as to a group in exchange of money as well as any other thing that you want. Most of the people sell their patent and invention to the big time companies which use their inventions and ideas to create or modify the invention for their own use. Most of the people sell their useful inventions to many companies who are in need of it.