Every woman is special and to make her feel even more special nothing would do better than a pair of diamond earring. Women are quite obsessed with jewellery and it is a known fact that diamond is their best friend. Not only they love to wear diamonds but also like to collect the different diamond accessories just out of passion for this beautiful stone type.

diamind earrings

The natural diamond earrings made out of best quality diamonds are extremely popular and apart from making any woman beautiful they help in boosting the confidence. A diamond earring not only gives confidence but in a way liberates a woman and makes her feel on top of the world giving her a sense of empowerment. Such is the appeal of diamond that it can change the attitude of a person and help her become quite confident and pleasing.

Some of the popular types in diamond earrings and their significance

Princess cut diamond earrings 

This one is the most popular type of diamond cut and is extremely popular. The princess cut is almost best in the quality and comes in rectangular and square shape when it comes to the face and the shape of the side is triangular in nature. The princess cut is relatively a new diamond cut style that has gained prominence in recent time and today this one is popular because it gives best of designs and can be cut or reshaped in any design to give a perfect look to the ears.

Cushion cut earrings    

Diamond earrings look quite enticing in cushions cuts. This design is quite old and is also referred to as old school cut. The cushion cut is quite a traditional design and follows a square design with a rounded body. This design is quite popular among women who like to wear traditional jewellery and in sync with modern touch and in house designs. Quite similar to princess cut cushion cut follows somewhat similar design only exception is in the form of rounded corners.

Brilliant cut diamond earrings 

This one is the most expensive and gives quite an exciting feel to the one who wears this type of earring. Brilliant cut earrings are quite handy and are formed with numerous carvings in order to attain best perfection with the design. Brilliant cut earrings resemble to the design of a cone and with different facets and designs within the earring look quite artistic and are a perfect jewellery to be worn on any occasion or celebratory event.

Basket style diamond cut style   

Another highly beautiful and quite cool design the basket cut is famous for its shape and look on the ears. The diamond stud earring is one of the most popular and with basket like shape gives a beautiful look to any woman with a round face.  Basket cut design is present since quite a long time and is highly exquisite and beautiful source of looking magnificent.