Deer antler velvet extract is somewhat new, but a lot of people are using it because of its many health benefits. The extract is taken from the cartilage of male deer antlers. Studies showed that its extracts are rich in mineral, vitamins, and collagen. It is primarily used by athletes because of its ability to boost endurance and performance, but today even non-athletes are using it because of so many health benefits it offers.

Today, older people are taking this supplement primarily for anti-aging purpose. Studies showed that the extracts of deer antler contain IGF-1, which helps combat the visible effects of aging. It also enhances the sexual functioning of the body, makes your cognition sharper, enhances mood, and reduces inflammation. There will also be a significant fat loss and muscle gain with continuous use of the product. The extract also has high level of collagen, which is helpful in promoting healthier joints and younger looking hair and skin.

Obese people can actually benefit from the use of deer antler supplement. If you are obese, you will develop lean muscles and even muscular appearance with the regular use of this supplement. It facilitates weight loss by instructing the body to make use of fat as the primary source of energy. If you are experiencing sexual problem, then taking this supplement can be a big help for you. As a matter of fact, it increases low libido and corrects erectile dysfunction. More than that, it also facilitates the function of the blood to transport oxygen from various parts of the body.