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Clean Your Persian Carpets

Many people in the UK invest in Persian carpets, but a major challenge that they face is related to the cleaning of carpets. Persian carpets are popular for the unique hand designing that they come with, this is why it is also necessary to clean them safely and effectively.

The carpets are very delicate, thus any kind of mistake can damage the carpets in a bad way, wrong cleaning can be destructive in the case of Persian carpets. They also require utmost care as they are very delicate and old, you will come across some Persian rugs that date back a thousand years.

You can easily search for persian rug dealers online such as Olivia Grace Rugs who  provide Persian carpets in the UK and offer carpet cleaning and maintenance services.

Persian carpets require less maintenance

  • As compared to the normal carpets that are used for residential and commercial purposes, the Persian carpets require less maintenance, this is what makes them the best to use. They also come with unique designing which makes them excellent to enhance the aesthetics of a place.
  • The use of vacuum cleaner every week is what you need to do for cleaning the carpet. The only thing that you need to consider is that if there are any spills, then they should be cleaned immediately.
  • You can also hire an expert carpet cleaner that can help you with the job of carpet cleaning.

Kantha Weaving Is A Rare Art Form That Needs To Be Treasured For Its Rich Values

mix of kanthas

Kantha quilts are hugely in demand due to their soft and unique texture that makes them warm and yet comfortable. They are lovely for light winters and can wrap you up in utmost comfort. The amount of hard work that is involved in the process of weaving a kantha makes it even more precious. In earlier days kantha quilts were passed off to newer generations as tokens of love and blessings that spread warmth among relations. This rare art form is a part of the traditional and rich culture of Eastern India and Bangladesh. Though the art form is restricted to only these parts of the world its worth is known nationwide and even overseas. We need to know the roots of these traditional forms of weaving and uphold them so that they never die out. The fact that this handmade increases the charm and ethnic appeal of your home when you treasure one.

Process of weaving:

There are several intricate and detailed steps involved in the process of kantha weaving. It is a long procedure that follows to create something as wondrous as the delicate kantha quilts.

  • Firstly, making kantha quilts require a number of old cotton sarees. Layers of old cotton sarees are placed and smoothened out. They are pressed down with the help of weights to keep the layers plain and intact and sewn around the edges and along the entire length in run stitches. This makes the soft and delicate kantha quilt.
  • Next comes the part of the intricate designs in the quintessential kantha stitch which enhance the appeal of the quilts. It is the unique designs which draw our attention to the aesthetic quality of these unique quilts you find nowhere else in the world.
  • The design is charted out on paper. The artist sketches the design on paper according to specific frame and measurements.
  • The designs when selected or finalized as flawless are then pierced on tracing paper.
  • The designs made on the paper are then traced onto the cloth by using a fabric color through the tracing paper.
  • Using the kantha stitch style the designs are then stitched along the lines of the tracing. At first the basic designs are made and then the filling is done. At times the artisans are skilled enough to design without even any tracing beforehand.

Popular designs and motifs seen:

The designs are usually done with colorful threads on a light color background. Occasionally artisans may use white threads over a deep background to highlight the designs. Sometimes the designs are intricate and spread all over the quilt but the usual motifs that are seen are usually leaves, floral patterns, birds, figures and traditional design patters. Often dots, lines and small shapes and self designed motifs fill up the fabric. You have to see it to believe it how simple dots and lines can look so exquisite on fabric. Elephants, peacocks, lotus, rose or a sheaf of paddy can often be seen on kanthas. Intricate ornamental designs all over the kantha quilts are called nakshi kanthas. These involve a lot of effort and are rare to find and often cost a bomb. If you possess one or inherit one do remember to treasure it.

Best Cuts In Diamond Earrings And The Suitability Of Each Cut

Every woman is special and to make her feel even more special nothing would do better than a pair of diamond earring. Women are quite obsessed with jewellery and it is a known fact that diamond is their best friend. Not only they love to wear diamonds but also like to collect the different diamond accessories just out of passion for this beautiful stone type.

diamind earrings

The natural diamond earrings made out of best quality diamonds are extremely popular and apart from making any woman beautiful they help in boosting the confidence. A diamond earring not only gives confidence but in a way liberates a woman and makes her feel on top of the world giving her a sense of empowerment. Such is the appeal of diamond that it can change the attitude of a person and help her become quite confident and pleasing.

Some of the popular types in diamond earrings and their significance

Princess cut diamond earrings 

This one is the most popular type of diamond cut and is extremely popular. The princess cut is almost best in the quality and comes in rectangular and square shape when it comes to the face and the shape of the side is triangular in nature. The princess cut is relatively a new diamond cut style that has gained prominence in recent time and today this one is popular because it gives best of designs and can be cut or reshaped in any design to give a perfect look to the ears.

Cushion cut earrings    

Diamond earrings look quite enticing in cushions cuts. This design is quite old and is also referred to as old school cut. The cushion cut is quite a traditional design and follows a square design with a rounded body. This design is quite popular among women who like to wear traditional jewellery and in sync with modern touch and in house designs. Quite similar to princess cut cushion cut follows somewhat similar design only exception is in the form of rounded corners.

Brilliant cut diamond earrings 

This one is the most expensive and gives quite an exciting feel to the one who wears this type of earring. Brilliant cut earrings are quite handy and are formed with numerous carvings in order to attain best perfection with the design. Brilliant cut earrings resemble to the design of a cone and with different facets and designs within the earring look quite artistic and are a perfect jewellery to be worn on any occasion or celebratory event.

Basket style diamond cut style   

Another highly beautiful and quite cool design the basket cut is famous for its shape and look on the ears. The diamond stud earring is one of the most popular and with basket like shape gives a beautiful look to any woman with a round face.  Basket cut design is present since quite a long time and is highly exquisite and beautiful source of looking magnificent.

Outdoor Luxury Furniture Sets To Enhance Your Outdoor space

Outdoor space of your home greatly reflects your style and personality much like the interiors, making outdoor furnishing an important task. Whether you use it as a place to relax or have parties with your friends, you can do it in style with beautiful garden furniture sets. Luxury leisure garden furniture sets made of high quality materials add a designer look and feel to your outdoor space. The wicker rattan furniture sets add aesthetic value to the entire garden space. Outdoor rattan furniture sales offer some of the luxurious rattan furniture at an affordable price.

Garden furniture – The much required pieces

There are a variety of garden furniture sets available today. You can pick the one that would provide style and comfort for your outdoors.

Small conversation sets: Ideal for a small outdoor space like the patio or the balcony, these consist of a pair of chairs or a sofa that is luxuriously cushioned with a corner table. These can be made of any material and enhance the beauty of the patio.

Family dining sets: For garden parties and get-togethers, a good dining set is an essential piece of furniture. From classic to contemporary styles, these dining sets come in many designs and sizes to accommodate family and friends.

Pool side sets: For relaxing near the swimming pool, good quality sofa sets with comfortable cushions are a must. A lounge chair with a small table and a shade is also a good option to enjoy pool side activities

Lawn sets: A comfortable chair or a long bench will be the much needed furniture to relax in a lawn. A small table can be used, if required.

How to Get Custom Wristbands At Cheap Prices?

The wristbands are no more just an accessory. Today, they are widely used for different purposes like promoting a product or a service, spreading awareness about deadly diseases, collecting funds for poor and needy and other social causes and much more. So, if you are a business or are working for a social organization, you might surely be looking forward to get high quality and customized wrist bands with your message printed on them to achieve your goals. There are many manufacturers that provide the facility of designing your wristbands yourself. All you need to do is to specify the details and give them the message that you wish to get printed on the band. The company will send you a design and seek your approval before actually making it.

coloured wristband

However, placing custom orders might hit your pocket hard but if you wish to save some money during your purchase, here are some key tips that will help you in the process.

  • Place bulk orders – in order to get custom wristbands cheap, you can place bulk orders. Most of the companies or NGO that order custom wristbands usually need the bands in bulk and placing large orders is a great way to avail huge discounts on your order.
  • Special offers – there are many companies that offer special discounts on different occasions and festivals and you can grab those chances of saving money.
  • Discount coupons and vouchers – availing the discount coupons is also a great way of saving a considerable amount on your purchase.

Spread On The Team Spirit With Especially Designed T – Shirts

If you are looking to add a professional style to your team, there is no better way to do it by having a matching set of T – shirts. But not just any sort of shirts. Custom made bowls shirts, in fact. If you are keen on sports and your team already made a name for itself, or if you are just a group of friends playing a tournament every now and then, there is a good chance you already have a logo. If you don’t, you might be able to make one. That logo could easily be implemented onto your shirt in any size or color you would wish to have seen on the shirt.

What can I change about the shirts?

You customize every aspect of the custom made bowls shirts before you complete the purchase – one extremely popular choice is the Thomas Taylor Lawn Bowls. You can very easily get just about anything placed onto your T – shirt. From a magnificent logo, over a slogan to a whole picture. The only limit to your creation is the amount of imagination you are willing to put in. You can have the entire shirt colored differently; it doesn’t have to be a generic white one. Whatever comes to your mind can appear on the shirt. The only thing you need to do is to specify exactly how you want the end result to look like, so you can be sure you will get exactly what you wanted to in the beginning. These shirts are great as bowling team outfits, which is what they are specifically designed for, but you can design a single shirt with a logo or picture on it and then use it as a gift or everyday dressing item.